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it is to keep the same mentality of children, carefree, vibrant, things around to maintain a curiosity. Monkey line,louboutin shoes, like monkeys in a nutshell is good at sports, like sports. For turtles,zanotti femme, a man should be like a turtle, as when the faint faint, not greedy indisputable, law-abiding, would like to protect themselves. Ant food, has two meanings: one is to eat less, eat two is complicated. This not only protects the gastrointestinal function,toms online sale, can absorb adequate nutrition. Hua Lin Feng Yao reporter correspondent month (Original title: 104-year-old Guo Yi Quan master dry the day before death) EdVideo loading, please wait .. AutoPlay & nbsp; play Kubuqi desert draped green installed forward and backwardXinhua News Agency,hollister, Hohhot, July 28 - (Reporters & nbsp; Order Weijia) in Inner Mongolia, held the Fifth International Desert Forum Kubuqi came news of China's seventh largest desert - the desert has a third of its cloth the area is green.
green area of 6,000 square kilometers. & Nbsp; Located in the Yellow River, "a few" word inside of the Inner Mongolia desert Kubuqi total area of 18,600 square kilometers, is China's seventh largest desert, is an important source of sandstorms in Beijing and Tianjin. In the six wind action,moncler homme paris, where dust overnight, you can reach the Beijing area. Cloth desert and started to grow in the Yili Group from the library, is Kubuqi desert greening practitioners. Data've provided,barbour pas cher, after 27 years of unremitting governance, Yili Group has green Kubuqi desert 06,louboutin pas cher,000 square kilometers,nike air force 1, and desertification control area 11,000 square kilometers. Irreversible desertification and global climate change caused by different, only 200 years ago, Kubuqi desert or a "wind-swept pastures of cows and sheep,louboutin noir," the prairie spectacular. Qing dynasty began successive wars, indiscriminate cleared for farming,veste barbour, overgrazing and other "man-made", is Kubuqi changed by the steppe desert of the underlying causes. Data show that compared with 20 years ago, the library announced its 95% reduction in dust weather; species grow 10 times; from less than 70 mm of annual rainfall to grow to more than 300 mm; dune height overall dropped by half. Even better news is that long-term cultivation of leguminous plants such as liquorice,zanotti pas cher, and the formation of "biological nitrogen fixation" effect, so that 150 acres of desert appeared black soil biological crusts and centimeter thick, initially with the farming conditions, experts say as "desert miracle." State Forestry Administration research report, through the comprehensive management of the ecological situation Kubuqi desert significant improvement.
Ministry of Health, the State Drug Administration jointly organized the first "National 500 name of the old Chinese medicine practitioners with only" academic experience inheritance work,louboutin site officiel, 2001-2004 dry old and was hired to do the Guangdong Provincial Hospital, "hospital division with only" academic experience inheritance work. Group of a group of people after graduation have been set up in hospitals across the country, or Chinese otolaryngology, or become the backbone of the department, ENT greatly improve our level of TCM. Dry Quan is a book of the people,scarpe nike air force, and his biggest hobby is books and reading. He put his study named "cocoon vegetarian", meaning that the study was small as the size of the cocoon, den surrounded by books like cocoon,barbour paris, their own reading in the study,louboutin pas cher, as in the books as the silkworm cocoon silk to do. Many dry old books, there are more than ten thousand books, mostly Chinese medicine books, some existing copies, rare, rare. Categories, arranged in order, with time come in handy. 1990 New Year's Day, he won the "Top Ten books Jinling champion." Quick-witted 99-year-old interview with Morning News interview Dry Zuwang for health has a unique perspective. In 2010, the Morning News reporters Zeng Yugan and Zu Wangjia in that time nearly a hundred of his interview, the reporter found when the then reclusive old when dry, keep a handful of elderly white beard, revealing a figure who trained , although it is not the normal exchange because hearing problems, but reporters and dry old through sketches and notes the successful completion of the interview. His clear thinking.
forest cover and vegetation coverage increased to reduce the number of dust storms, biodiversity gradually restored. Today's Kubuqi,scarpe nike running, Populus and other extinct plants reappear many years; occasionally to see the forest hare shuttle figure; luck is good.
quick thinking, humorous conversation has let reporters vivid. It is understood that the dry Zuwang life never smoked, 55-year-old began drinking at 72 years old he had a fungal pneumonia after every winter tonic ginseng 30 grams,nike sito ufficiale, after 90-year-old wine to drink small amounts of velvet, in addition from no tonic medicine. For the secret of longevity, old dry throughout emphasize words "benevolent life." For these three words of explanation, it seems very dry old said simply, "do not tell lies, tell the truth,giuseppe zanotti pas cher, the real work." In addition, dry old at 80 years old when he summed up his character "health Classic "- innocence, monkey line, turtles want, ant food. Innocence.

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